Christina: First SEMD Korean missionary

Christina: First SEMD Korean missionary

On September 4th, 2022 I made my final promises. The Mass was presided over by Bishop KimJongSu, an Augustinian along with 22 priests who were either diocesan or religious. The Church was filled with people. It was a joy to be able to prepare this special moment with the Servant Family of Korea and share it together.

I want to give thanks to God, who has filled me with his Love and Mercy by making me his. He called me and has waited until today for my definitive answer.

My parents could not be there, because my father is very sick. But I did receive their blessing. 15 years ago I left the company I worked for to go on a trip to Europe. And when I told my parents, after a year, that I wanted to be a missionary, they said, “Why do you want to go down a path that your parents don’t bless?” However, on the day of the Promises, early in the morning, they blessed my path as a missionary which was a moment that I appreciated with all my heart.


When I sent out the invitations, I realized just how many people I have to thank and it reminded me of what binds me to each person.

I arrived in Argentina on September 20, 2009, and since then 13 years have passed. I went to Argentina without knowing Spanish and that’s how I started my training. And during the 13 years there, there were many difficult moments, for different reasons. But I don´t just want to give thanks for the happy times. Now I recognize that there is nothing of these 13 years that I cannot be thankful for.

Three years ago I received preparation for my final Promises, along with my “cradle sisters”. It was a time of many doubts, I didn´t know whether I would be able to live this missionary life. I wasn´t ready or able to write the letter asking to do so. And now, I thank the Community with all my heart for waiting patiently for me and God that embraced all those moments. I started to realize that the important thing is not whether I can carry out my missionary vocation or not, but the certainty that God is the one who will make it possible.

I discovered that God was calling me to make him known. He is the one who manifests himself, not in my strength, but in my weakness.

The first SEMD Korean missionary

Although it is true that due to COVID we had to wait a bit, I think that this is the right time for me to make this commitment to God. 15 years ago, when I experienced God’s call, my response was Psalm 16: “You are my Lord. There is no happiness for me outside of you.” Now, I want to joyfully respond again with these words to the God who calls me, and live in the here and now as His.


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