Choose between hope and disappointment!

Eyes are not beautiful because of their colour or size but because of their keen insight and free outlook. What if today, each of us were to take a closer look and discover what is happening in this situation in which we find ourselves, which seems like a nightmare which we can’t wake up from?


What if we revived our faith and discovered the novelty of a future that hasn’t arrived yet but is already in sight? As the prophet said: “Something new is emerging … can you not see it?” (Is 43.19)


What do I notice personally? I would say that what is seen with the naked eye is that this situation reveals what is inside the hearts. What’s more, it seems to bring out the best and worst in each of us.


The people who sought to enrich themselves at the expense of others without caring about their lives are now exporting medical equipment which is desperately needed in their own country, to other countries that pay more for it.


The people who have already chosen to serve others are now working night and day in a hospital, taking care of the sick, unable to visit their own family to avoid the risk of passing on the virus.


The governments of well-off countries that find it a nuisance to have to share with the poorest are now negotiating and giving certain political entities which were created to help others, even less credibility than they already have.


Those people who have chosen to make love the centre of their lives are now serving the poorest. They distribute both bread and dignity, braving the infinite number of dangers of catching the virus that we all know exist.


There are signs of life and death. There are selfish people who are heartless towards the pain of others and prefer to continue their life as if nothing had changed, even if it means infecting others because of carelessness or lack of respect for the rules.


And there are many hearts that are open to others, even to complete strangers and offer what they need or even their own life, like the sick Italian priest who offered the ventilator his parishioners had given him to save the life of a younger person. Isn’t this a sign, just like so many others, that something new is emerging?


A new future is hidden in the depth of this coronavirus situation … a future that is like a tiny but unstoppable seed.


Just as in the gestation period, life is in a growing process until one day it is brought to birth … so the Kingdom of God begins as something small and hidden. It’s hidden in the many acts of solidarity that are all around us and in humane and merciful gestures, where we can sense there is a love that goes beyond the death that surrounds us.


If we’re not able to see it yet, let’s wipe our eyes carefully, purify ourselves of the negativity that sometimes creeps in and colours our vision and shake off our cynicism. Let’s approach reality, on tiptoe, with respect, opening our hearts to the mystery. If we are patient, the mystery will finally be revealed to us. But let’s take time … let’s be quiet inside. Then, when we finally discover it, we will understand that God is more alive than ever. We will understand that God is creative enough to continue making his way forward in this world and we will have a stronger hope inside us, which will help us to face all the vicissitudes that life brings us.


Open your eyes wide … hope … today you can choose between disappointment and hope. Choose what is real: choose hope!!!


clwakeling2Choose between hope and disappointment!