Be “surfers” of love!

WYD 2023. “You are really courageous! Thank you! I want to tell you to carry on, keep riding the waves of love, of charity. Be “surfers” of love!” These were the last words of Pope Francis in Lisbon in front of thousands of volunteers.

The wave of the pandemic left behind a certain proliferation of chronic and mental diseases which are symptoms of a deeper illness. Waves of dissatisfaction, violence, discrimination, and social exclusion have been raised. But this WYD was a new starting point for all and especially for young people.

Pope Francis´s words

Pope Francis in his first address to the authorities used the image of the ocean to describe Lisbon, the city of the ocean. This country borders the ocean that delimits continents. The ocean does not separate East from West but unites it. An ocean of people (a million and a half) has flooded Lisbon throughout these days and has brought a desire for unity, peace, and fraternity.

In his last message to the WYD volunteers, Pope Francis encouraged young people to ride the wave of love, to be “surfers” of love. The Pope challenged the volunteers with these words:

“Friends, as many of you know, to the north of Lisbon there is a place called Nazaré, where it is possible to see waves up to thirty meters high, which attract surfers from all over the world. In these days, you also have faced a real wave: not of water, but of young people – like you, who have poured into this city. Yet with God’s help, great generosity, and mutual support, you have ridden this great wave. You are really courageous! Thank you! I want to tell you: carry on, keep riding the waves of love, of charity. Be “surfers” of love! This is the task that I entrust to you: that the service you offered for World Youth Day be the first of many waves of goodness. Each time, you will be carried higher, closer to God, and this will let you see your path from a better vantage point”.

This World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon has been a breath of fresh air and hope for the whole world.

Darío Marote SEMD Philippines


Stand Servants of the Gospel

Stand Servants of the Gospel

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