Are you shy?

“Are you shy? Trust me, I am as well”.  But even so I´m going to tell you about my experience in the International work camp in our missionary centre in Espinosa de Henares (Guadalajara) Spain. Ah, I didn´t tell you who I am, my name is Oliwia. I am Polish and I´m fifteen years old.

“What can I say about my adventure?

It has been the best week of my life. It was only a week´s trip and yet I got to love all the people who participated in the camp as if I´d spent a month with them.

Are you shy? Trust me, I am as well but I started to talk to young people from Poland, France and Spain and get to know them even though I´d never met them before. This trip has taught me so much. I got to know myself better because in a new place a person can start again. Espinosa developed my relationship with God, broke the language barrier and showed me that it´s possible to love people who are completely different from me.

At the same time I was able to see a country that I´d wanted to see for a long time with my own eyes. Come to Espinosa, even if you haven´t got a reason to. Because when you return you´ll understand why you went”

Oliwia Polond


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