An eWay testimony


I was invited to participate in eWay, in the middle of the pandemic with its restrictions. So I chose the online e-way option with the idea of being able to have a faith based activity in the context of not being able to do anything. To be honest, I had no specific expectations, but the experience ended up being very fruitful.

Every Thursday we began with a brief community prayer. As if by magic, we were connected to something more than the Internet on the computer. – The action of the Holy Spirit! We were able to participate fully and express our feelings through these intense meetings. We talked a lot about leaving our comfort zone, and one can begin to do that without leaving the house. From our homes, we were able to wake up inside and to connect with each other at depth, alert to others needs and willing to share whatever we could via zoom.

The most important thing we discovered was that we are loved by a caring father. We questioned many things without looking for quick answers. In this way we allowed deep questions, which one doesn`t normally ask oneself on a daily basis, to grow within us. All of us have seen how important community is in order to grow in faith.

Personally I`m left with the certainty that the vital thing in life is not so much to find your place, but to make God more and more present. Another important thing is to take control of your own life, to be the protagonist of it and to consciously make the most of it. I feel like Joe from the “Soul” film when he is asked, “And now, How are you going to live your life? His reply is, “I don’t know but I’m going to live every minute of it”

clwakeling2An eWay testimony