Half a century -celebrating a worthwhile life!

50 years old is a respectable age: half a century. It makes one ask: have I made the most of my life? Is my life going in the right direction?

When I turned a quarter of a century, I realised just how much time I had  wasted and I made a promise to myself that by the time I reached 50 I would have made the most of it. It is a good opportunity then to weigh up my life.

At 25 I said yes to God and at 27 I entered this missionary community.  I was certain of his call, but I often doubted my own ability. Now He has helped me to be certain of many things:

  1. I wouldn´t change my life for anything or anyone in the world. All my joys and even my tears have been worth it.
  2. Surprisingly, my life has left seeds of life wherever I have been. Though I didn’t see it or realise it at the time, my passing through is engraved in the hearts of many people, just as their lives still occupy a place in my own.
  3. Today I look at my life and I am amazed by the great mystery of God´s presence there in the middle of my limits. He transmits his love for others, through me. It is an unmerited gift.

After half a century I can say:

“My life IS worthwhile”

My life is worthwhile not because of how well I have responded to my promise but because of how good God is, who makes me live far more than I could ever have imagined.

I celebrated my fiftieth birthday in the Philippines. We had a meal in Community, and we watched a video with a collection of greetings from many people throughout the world. I was moved by so much affection and what I mean in their lives.  God is truly present in our relationships but not so much in big events as on a daily basis. It´s in our work, our patience, disagreements and dialogues where God builds these relationships.

The next day we had a joint birthday celebration with a teenager called Eileen who had her seventeenth birthday on the same day as me. We invited the neighbourhood children and the young people who participate in our community. We enjoyed ourselves playing games and eating my cake, and in the end I was able to give a gift to each one of them. It´s amazing how easy it is to have a moment of joy, to share it and to receive it. Now the only thing left is to say a grateful yes, to Christ Jesus, who has taken me seriously, and given his all so that my life could flourish. He is my companion through it all, he is present in all the brothers and sisters who I walk with and I know that he will continue to be there always. He is trustworthy.

celebrating half a century
Half a century of a worthwhile life
A worthwhile life -children
Half a century of a worthwhile life
clwakeling2Half a century -celebrating a worthwhile life!