A letter from Jasmin- why do I like going on missions?

Why do I like going on missions?
I like to go on missions to share the Word of God and be a witness of his love for people. The mission is a call from God, there’s no doubt about it. Whenever the sisters organise a mission, I always say “yes” to going. Because once you have heard the Lord’s call for you to follow him, you have to follow him every day. “Do not get tired of following Jesus, because every day Jesus needs you as his disciple to bring those who have strayed from the path closer to him and give them hope”. We grow during the mission, and these experiences bring me great joy and lead me closer to God. It helps a lot of people and this makes me happy. We are light and hope for others.

I have a friend who is the reason I am here. He passed away a year ago, his name was Harold. I lost hope at that moment and didn’t want to do anything. Then I realized that he would be very happy to see me continue in God’s ways. And here I am in front of you recounting this experience. He has been a great inspiration to me.

Is it difficult to live the mission? Not for me. When you give yourself to people, of course you get tired, but we are instruments of God’s love for people and that’s where our joy and faith come from. Sometimes it is very hot, you are tired, but you know that you are doing the right thing.

How would I describe what mission mean to me? It is life, hope, happiness and sacrifice.
Mission is life because you share your life with others.
It is hope because you give hope to people who do not have it.
Mission is happiness because you can help many people
Mission involves sacrifice, everything in life costs something and that’s even more true for the Lord. You need to offer Him something of yourself. But the most important thing is not to get tired or to give up.

Jasmin Domantay



clwakeling2A letter from Jasmin- why do I like going on missions?